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DC820 - Toilet Seat Sanitizer

  • The DC Toilet Seat Cleaner is simple, safe & effective.
  • A specially designed sanitizing liquid is sprayed on the toilet paper to clean/(wipe) the toilet seat and make the fear of sitting a thing of the past.
  • A new and easy usable toilet seat cleaning system, ensures toilet user sit on a completely sanitized toilet seat.
  • An effective solution against invisible dirt and reduce bacteria up to 99%, dries quickly and cost effective.
  • 99% biodegradable.
  • The DC820 Toilet Seat Dispenser has been designed for easy fixing and stylish design that suit all environment.

Packing :

30 units / carton / 19.1kg / 0.11m³
Carton Size : 528mm x 420mm x 490mm
Dimensions :
88 mm x 115 mm x 239 mm


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